Slip on Stackable Bracelet Set


The Product:

Filled with beads made right in our own backyard at 2nd Story Goods, these sets are the perfect accessory when you feel like you need a little something extra. They also make the most perfect gift, because there is no one who wouldn’t love them and the story behind them!

The strong elastic band makes them easy to slip on and secure on your wrist! 

The Story:

Over the course of several days, locally sourced dry clay is made into a moldable form, kneaded into shape, kiln-fired, glazed and fired again. The group started with just 2 people who used 50 cents to buy some clay and a bowl to use as a kiln. Today, our clay group, made up of 14 people, supports up to 20 families in Gonaives. A true redemptive story of starting with what you have and watching it multiply!

All of our jewelry incorporates upcycled and/or local materials. This reflects our values of positively impacting the earth and the local economy of Haiti, as well as the redemption of giving old things a 2nd Story. Our jewelry team has become experts in their craft since 2011 when we started out teaching the skills, crowded together on children’s school benches in Jubilee!

This product was touched by both of these maker groups!

The Details:

-materials: elastic, clay beads