Papillon Coffee Mug


The Product:

Handmade, kiln-fired mug from our friends at Papillon! Made with locally-sourced Haitian clay, this product creates 7 living wage jobs! We LOVE the bright and speckled glaze on these!

The Story: 

Papillon means "Butterfly" in French. Around the world, people view the butterfly as representing endurance, change, hope, and life. Papillon Marketplace is a fair-trade, socially conscious lifestyle brand dedicated to supporting mothers and fathers with full-time artisan jobs in Haiti. Papillon’s mission of orphan prevention and family preservation through job creation has proven itself to be a viable solution for the current poverty orphan crisis affecting many developing nations. 

The Details:

-dimensions: 4.5” (holds 16 oz) 

-materials: pure Haitian clay, glaze (food safe, lead free) 

-assorted colors, so yours will be a surprise between one of the colors pictured!