Beautiful to me- 2SG Metal Art


The Product:

The signature 2nd Story Goods hashtag comes from the beauty we found in Haiti. At first, we came as “helpers”, but we left transformed by experiencing intense moments of beauty in the most common unsuspecting places. A child's arm across the back of his brother’s shoulder as they walk barefoot across the salt flats. The tiny girl that takes half of the banana she was given and runs it out the door to her friend who had not been allowed in. The look on the makers face when she finishes a piece and holds it up with such pride at its excellence. These moments inspire me to say Beautiful to me. - MK

The Story:

The Steel Drum Art of Haiti has been famous for decades throughout the world. Metal from recycled steel drums is cut, flattened, and put into a fire to be made malleable. Then the artisan traces the pattern onto the flat piece, and with chisel and hammer in hand, starts the tapping that cuts away all that is not the image. These particular pieces are made in the village of Croix des Bouquet, which has come to be known as the capital of metal art in Haiti!

The Details:

8 inches tall x 24 inches wide