2019 Fundraiser

2nd Story Goods Infrastructure FUNdraiser

Recently asked to tell the origin of our Cotton Wrap Bracelet I wrote:

"Made from up-cycled cotton cloth sourced from our local market in Gonaives.  Washed twice and hung in the warm Caribbean sun to dry. Then hand cut to form strips that are then sorted by colors and braided by those same hands into the cotton wrap bracelet!"

 What I didn't say, “Emanise or Shelah would always check them before leaving for the day and if they weren't completely dry she would come and get me and say, Mk, PLEASE don't forget to bring in the dry cloth hanging on the line before you go upstairs!  Imagine a waving finger of sorts for me to not forget.”

 And I didn't say that Emanise is a single mom of 5 that has transformed herself in the last 8 years. She does not wait for handouts, she works hard here and takes her responsibilities as manager of the jewelry group very seriously. She earns a living wage and she uses her personal power and responsibility to create a life for her family of dignity. She is modeling this for her sons and daughters.

I LOVE the whole process so much...every part of it is life-giving to the community.  We buy cloth from local women, mothers making a way for themselves and their kids. Then it comes into our  2SG environment with lots of laughter and bantering and respect. It is beautiful to behold 

Today we are fighting, working and crying out to heaven to show us how to keep it all going.

We are reaching out to our community stateside. Those of you that have said, we value this work.  We believe men and women in the developing world should be given a chance to make a living for their families. 

Because of the recent political struggles the country of Haiti has been virtually locked down for months.  It is unsafe to drive the distance between our city of Gonaives and Port Au Prince where the airport and shippers are located.

God continues to make a way for us to get the goods to the USA. We are stunned by this kindness!

The truth remains: 30% of our income has come from sales within Haiti itself. Guesthouses, boutiques, and hotel gift shops.  Virtually all that business has been gone for the past 12- 18 months. 

The last thing we want to do is lay people off in Haiti that now need this support more than ever.

So we come back to you. The ones who have told us time and time again. We believe in you.




We need to raise $6000 in 40 days to receive the full extent of the very generous matching grant: That is $150 per day.  Anything over that carries us into the new year. And we are incredibly grateful for that! Every single dollar helps!

 I have been meditating on the following simple powerful phrase...it is really saving my life right now.

"it's quite possible that things are going to turn out

 Far better than you could have imagined."


Doodling around with watercolors i made this simple piece. We're going to send it to all y'all that give to this 6k drive! No matter what amount you give, we're going to send a copy of this watercolor...to remind us all!


We've also figured out a bunch of other things we can share with you...so have a look at the list, and if you can and want to, make a choice of the amount.


If you want to opt-out of the gifts, just let us know, and then we can move your gift to the "tax-deductible gift" column and you'll get a receipt sent to you in early January, in time to do your taxes. 


ALSO: if you want to make a donation to 2SG as a gift to someone on your list this Christmas, we’ll send them a letter before Christmas letting them know that you did!  Then in January, we will send them the gifts that go with the amount you donated. 


We'll use all the social media and email to keep you up to date on our progress!


Thanks, Beautiful Ones!


All the love!



Here's how to do it: 

  1. Choose a donation amount based on the levels listed below
  2. Click the donate button and enter said donation amount
  3. Choose which date on the calendar you want your donation to go towards. (see photo below for reference. help us reach our goal of $150 each day for the next 40 days!)
  4. Make a note if this donation is a Christmas gift for someone. Include "gift for" their name and address in the note section. You can also make a note here if you'd prefer to not receive gifts but a tax deduction instead.
  5. Receive your gifts in January! 



  • $5   Contributes to the staff salaries with which they can purchase for themselves what their family needs. 

         Gift:  4x6 copy of Mk’s watercolor


  •  $25   Provides clean drinkable water for all staff members at work for a month, This fills the water bladder on the roof!  
         Gift: 4x6 copy of Mk’s watercolor AND a 2SG Sticker!


  • $50    Keeps a single mom employed so she can purchase food for her family for 2 weeks.   
          Gift:  A framed 5x7 copy of Mk’s watercolor AND a 2SG Sticker!


  • $100   Purchases 20 gallons of diesel fuel to run the generator allowing people to continue to work and receive livable wages 
        Gift: (2)  framed 5x7 copies  of Mk’s watercolor ( one to keep and one to give away) and a 2SG Sticker!


  • $250   Enables 2nd Story Staff to continue to work on important upgrades in our infrastructure that will help us scale to hire more people in the future.   
         Gifts:  A Bag of Singing Rooster Coffee, (2)  framed 5x7 copies of Mk’s  watercolor ( one to keep and one to give away) and a 2SG Sticker!          


  • $500    Purchases much needed sewing machine, computer or warehouse equipment:
           Gifts: Bag of Singing Rooster Coffee,  (2) Clay Mugs Made in Haiti (2) framed 5x7 copies  of Mk’s watercolor and a 2SG Sticker


  • $1,000   Pays the extra shipping costs we face when we have to fly products to the shipper in Port Au Prince. This is a HUGE extra expense that is not covered in the margins on our goods.  

           Gifts:  8x10 Framed Original Artwork of the Quote of your choice by Mk. This means you send me your quote or phrase, and you can even suggest color scheme, and i’ll make it for you!   A Bag of Singing Rooster Coffee, (2) Clay Mugs Made in Haiti , (2) framed 5x7 copies of Mk’s watercolor and a 2SG Sticker