2019 Fundraiser

2nd Story Goods Infrastructure FUNdraiser

(we know you may stop reading when you see the word “fundraiser” so we capitalized the FUN so you know that you know how fun this really is!)

As a non-profit social enterprise operating in a developing country and selling our products in a globalized market, sometimes our struggles with infrastructure threaten to bring us down. But we refuse to be brought down, because we believe that what we are doing is vital to the shifting of the economy and the lives of the beautiful people of Haiti.

We are determined to only go up from here, and we need YOUR help as we grow!

We are on a mission to fundraise to meet our needs for survival and we can’t do it without you! Here are our current needs:

Sewing Team:

$400:  buys a Sewing Machine. Need 4                                                                           

$350:  buys new sewing supplies: mats, scissors, cutting and measuring tools                  

Pottery Team:

$600: buys Education/ Training for Pottery Guys for a month. Need 6 months                              

$50: buys supplies/tools/ equipment for the kiln that was donated!  Need 10 batches       



Jewelry Team:

$2000: buys training with new tools and designs and general education for jewelry artisans.  We’re bringing in a person to help us upgrade our skills and designs. These women have been with 2nd Story Goods the longest of anyone and in order to keep them working and grow this department we must invest in their skill sets and design capacity. We’ve been sorely lacking in this area.  Need 10 gifts of $200


$5000: buys a much needed physical upgrade on our warehouse space in Georgia.      

$600 buys a new computer that can operate our systems. Need 6              

$600 Software and Hardware to upgrade our systems in Haiti. Need 2                 

$4000 to re-fit the new 2nd Story Retail space in Gonaives. Need 10 gifts of $400                       

$2000 Assorted tools and shipping costs for Haiti workspace. Need 10 gifts of $200                                                                                   

Total needed: $25,000


And the other exciting thing is that EVERY DOLLAR GIVEN HERE IS MATCHED through a matching grant  to further invest in growing the company through our marketing personnel and efforts!