Benson Thermidor is the brain, the passion and the intense dedication to this Journal business.  He learned bookbinding in School and is taking that skill to new heights!

I met him as a young man who came to me with beautiful hand bound books to sell.  He and his friend made songbooks for churches and even textbooks for students.  The quality of their work captured my imagination.  I asked, “Can you teach others to do this? “   He replied, “ No problem” and so it was we collaborated on a class so that he could pass on his knowledge and skill to others in Jubilee.  I took the first class myself and was amazed at his teaching skill. Brilliant!

The class became a business when we got our first big order for 5000 journals in the spring of 2012.  And his business grew from occupying a tiny 8 x 8 ft room in his brother’s house to building their own 16 x 24 foot workshop on his own land!   

Today, three years later Benson has a thriving Journal business that employs up to 25 people (when he has large orders!) I wish you could REALLY SEE what that means to the community of Jubilee.

Benson carries a beautiful vision for Jubilee to be transformed from a place of scarcity to a place of thriving entrepreneurial businesses!  

Families are the building blocks of communities.  With strong healthy families comes stability, hope, good role models and good health. When Fathers can’t provide and they watch as their kids go hungry and their wives feel scared…tension grows.  Add to that the beautiful / terrible aspect of watching foreign aid come in and your children line up to receive much needed food from another man’s hand. At first a relief, this can become a source of shame.  Respect, dignity and healthy bonds between fathers and their children are restored when parents have a means of providing.       

So… this small Journal Business is bigger than we know. The purchase of these products helps to make a real shift in the life of this community. Thank you!

Though a young man, Benson is a Papa to the community.  His heart of integrity, his deep-seated joy and his beautiful Faith in God is shifting the future of Jubilee.