COVID-19 Relief


2nd Story Goods has weathered many storms in the 9 years we’ve been in operation.

As many of you know, the past 21 months of political unrest and instability in Haiti have seen virtually no visitors which has meant a significant decrease in our overall sales


Thanks to many of you that continued to purchase in the US we held on!  And we made good use of the lull in activity to do major internal work on our operational, accounting, and marketing systems and to focus on leadership development within. 


When  COVID-19 arrived in Haiti there was an immediate need to take action and our team on the ground was ready.  With ports closed and factories shut down it became clear that the small workshops like ours and other independent sewing rooms would need to step up and meet the need for masks for local clinics and the population in general in order to slow the spread of COVID-19



The Mask Making project is designed to work in the local economy of Gonaives.   Purchasing fabric from the local market, paying tailors their living wage and most importantly, getting the price down to where people in the city can purchase them for their clinics and families: a little over $1 a piece.


Obviously MUCH (our parent non-profit) has overhead expenses not included in this price.  Security, Electricity, and the people managing the project all on the ground. These are the costs we must cover with the help of donations


If you are looking for a way to support Haiti during the COVID-19 crisis and the ongoing work of MUCH( MUCH includes Prolead, MPG and 2nd Story Goods. All of which are robust, life giving endeavors.) you can donate here.

Right now, because of a generous donor, 

every dollar you give is DOUBLED! 


We also have a warehouse full of products in the US, as well as more products waiting to be sent from Haiti as soon as those are sold. So please keep our current small crew busy and keep ordering!




All the love friends!

2nd Story Goods Team