Tori Mead

This young woman has done pretty much all the jobs to be done here at 2nd Story Goods. She came early and has been critical to this company's growth!


She has sat on the porches of Jubilee teaching women to make daisies from hemp. She has gone house to house gathering goods and handing out materials, she has helped pack product to be shipped late into the night and spent saturday afternoons practicing batik. She designed and literally stood on a ladder with a nail gun and put up pallet boards for our stores. She has handled the bookkeeping, been the company purchaser, driven back and forth to transport boxes to ship. She has managed our retail store in Port Au Prince and met with designers from other companies to offer help.


She has been a huge source of strength to M K and a dear trustworthy friend.


Tori is foremost a designer. She has an eye for all things lovely and a mind to know how to make that happen.


Currently she is focused on photography, social media and web site work. She has had moments of working in just about every seat on the bus, this one seems to be HER seat. 2nd Story Goods is beyond blessed to have this woman of strength, skill and heart in this work!


Her nickname: “T”  Thank you Austin!

Her superpower is her dance skill, it is the shoulder piece.