Aluminum Circle Earings

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A little bold and artsy, but really light! Nice look

Do you ever put on a pair of earrings and wonder about how they are made? Who made them? What kind of conditions were they working in? How did they feel about their work that day?

I don’t think I ever did until I got into this business. I admit I’ve always felt feelings about objects. Like I could go into an empty house and get the feelings of what had kind of life it has lived. What happened within its walls. Ok! Don’t write me off as a complete nut case, yet! Ha!


The truth is that I think about the atmosphere our goods are made in. And we pray that you can feel it when you wear them. The incredible conversations, the laughter and the transformation that is going on around the jewelry table is like a mini revolution! These women are leading the pack in their communities. They are knowing their worth in the world. They are role models for their daughters and they are showing them another way.

It’s powerful and it keeps me full of hope for our world.


So if you buy these for a woman you love we hope they feel all that. Atmosphere included with every pair!