Beaded Cross Necklace

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The Product:

Just like the cross and angel ornaments, this necklace shouts #notwasted! The same story gets even better when you add some locally sourced clay beads to it and get to provide more work for our makers to make it into a necklace!

The Story:

Give us your weary and broken, chipped and discarded, and we will show you that there is MUCH life yet to be lived!   These crosses rose from the dump, literally! My earliest days were spent walking and praying and searching for ways to create beautiful things from what we had on hand. Fortunately we worked in the neighborhood by the dump. Many broken dishes discarded ended up there!

We took the pieces, bleached them to clean, and then learned to form them into crosses!

Today they remain a sign of Hope and the truth that our lives are Not Wasted when we add a bit of faith and imagination to the mix!

Uniquely 2nd Story Goods. These crosses shout it matter how broken or set aside we think we are...there is always a beautiful 2nd Story waiting!

The Details:

- leather strap in the back (comfortable on the neck and hair)