Braided Cotton Wrap Bracelet


Braided Cotton Wrap Bracelet is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

The Product:

Colorful, fun, light, easy to wear wrap bracelet. Made with upcycled fabrics and clasped with a locally made clay bead. Each one is unique!

The Story:

Part of the Moso collection, this bracelet is made with upcycled cotton cloth sourced from our local market in Gonaives. Washed twice and hung in the warm sun to dry. Then hand cut to form strips that are then sorted by colors and braided by those same hands into the cotton wrap bracelet! ( i LOVE the whole process so much...every part of it is life giving to the community...and done under the shade of the trees in the back yard by these young women making a way for themselves) -MK

The Details:

-100% local materials

-90% recycled materials