Child MOSO Cross Body Bag


The Product:

This child's crossbody bag is perfect for the littles who want to have a purse of their own! And the mamas who don't want to carry all their stuff anymore :)

The Story:

Our Moso fabric is made up of stories of redemption. What was once thrown aside as "broken", "not worthy", and "less than" has been picked up, cleaned off, and joined together with others like it; together, they have been transformed and now are deemed #notwasted.

Our Moso fabric is crafted from overstock or thrifted clothing that was shipped from developed countries to Haiti, where the ones that aren't picked up and sold by the local vendors often end up in the landfill.


The Details:

-100% local materials

-Zipper at the top

-Dimensions: 8 x 8”