Clay Star

This small 3.5 inch Star Ornament is a really BIG deal!

We begin with Clay, sourced from central Haiti. We bring it in 100 lb. bags. It comes in dry. Our team reconstitutes it in a drum of water and then presses through a screen to purify it further. Then it dries in the bins for a day or two until it is ready to be kneaded into shape.  The beautiful red color is the natural color of the clay from this region.

It is first bisque fired in the large kiln and then we add the colored glaze to give it a lovely finish and it is fired again.

We finish the piece with one of our 2nd Story beads and then another set of hands put the whole thing together!

Many hands have touched this piece by the time in hangs on your tree. We know it matters to you that your dollars spent are doing good in the world.  

We hope this helps you do that!