Leather Wrap Bracelet


Leather Wrap Bracelet is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

The Product:

One of our most popular bracelets: five wraps of soft leather cord and muted handmade clay beads. Feels yummy!

The Story:

Over the course of several days, locally sourced dry clay is made into a moldable form, kneaded into shape, kiln-fired, glazed and fired again. The group started with just 2 people who used 50 cents to buy some clay and a bowl to use as a kiln. Today, our clay group, made up of 14 people, supports up to 20 families in Gonaives. A true redemptive story of starting with what you have and watching it multiply!

Our jewelry products are hand assembled in-house by our amazing jewelry team!

This product was touched by both of these workshops!