Loved Stackable Bracelet


The Product:

We are so proud of this fun design from our local design team! Buy one, two, or all three of these beauties! These handmade bracelets are made for stacking but also make a statement on their own. Each one declares the simple truth that each and every one of us is Loved beyond comprehension.

The Story:

Over the course of several days, our clay makers turn locally sourced dry clay into a moldable form, knead it into the shape of beads, kiln-fire it, glaze it and fire it again.

The aluminum charm is formed from melted down metal and hand stamped by yet another group of makers.

After the clay beads and aluminum charms are finished, they land on the table of the final group, the jewelry makers. We gave our makers creative space to play with existing materials and this design was born! A perfect example of answering the question, “what do you have?” rather than “what do you need?”

The Details:

-materials: clay beads, upcycled aluminum charm, elastic