N'ap Keep Going T-shirt


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The Product:

N’ap keep going

Despite the whole situation going on in Haiti,

People here are still chasing their dreams.

We are still living. “N’ap Keep Going” means “We Keep Going”.

Instead of resignation, it’s resilience.

The Story:

We are Jude and Cicie, a young christian couple from Haiti.

There’s a lot going on around us right now.

Instead of complaining, we decided to use our power which is using what we have in order to do something , knowing that we cannot do everything.

We believe we are powerful. Fighting is better than running. Some days it’s okay to run. What we are saying isn’t that if you leave that does mean you are running. Maybe leaving the country, for you, is the solution. But, change the perspective, not the vision. Don’t wait to leave to live.

For now, We “hope” for the best.

Hoping for the best. Well, we always do. Most of the times, in our country, that’s all we have: Hope. Hope is not just a feeling of expectation but its a working process of what you want. This is what fuels us to wake up and to show up everyday at school or work or just show up at life(living). Hope is persistent on what he is doing. Hope doesn’t give up when things get hard. He gets discouraged from time to time but he surrounds himself with people who can see the potential he has. Hope has a plan. He doesn’t just sit there doing nothing, he creates. Hope is a choice. Hope is not a guarantee but a promise that tomorrow might be better than today if you don’t give up. “Depi tet poko koupe li espere mete chapo” it is translated literally in English as if your head is not cut out it hopes to wear a hat.

People here are still pursuing their dreams. It’s not resignation. It’s resilience.


So we chose through creativity to express ourselves and be vocal about our truths.

Thanks for choosing us!

The Details:

-Unisex sizes (we currently only have small and medium left) 

- small is 18" (width) x 28" (length)
-medium is 20" (width) x 29" (length) 

-Made by the Screen Print Makers