The Jewelry Makers

women making jewelry

Jewelry is where we started!

Our first classes began with 24 women crowded on to the children’s school benches to learn the art of wire wrapping recycled glass and then adding a bead or two when we got really fancy! Those early creations are still precious to us!  But the five women that make jewelry today have become experts at their art. They have learned to work with leather, clay pieces, seed beads and they have created a vast variety of designs. These women are neighbors, sisters and friends.

They are there for each other to celebrate kids graduations and to hold each other in times of loss. It is a bon ekip!  A great team. 

team members hugging and smiling; women making bracelets


blush pink, black, and cerulean blue bracelets with tassel detail


Clay Stackable Tassel Bracelet


silver dainty necklace; "ti fom"


Ti Fom Necklace


recycled aluminum earrings; "stella"


Stella Earring