Christmas Decor

Christmas Decor

Christmas Decor

Christmas time is upon us!!! Have you decorated yet?! Whether you haven’t started or you got your Christmas tree out in mid-October, 2nd Story Goods has you covered. We are so excited to share with you some of our favorite holiday products that will be perfect additions to your holiday decorations. Check out some of our absolute favorites below.... 

1. Standing Metal Trees

Brand new this year! We love these recycled metal trees. Let them stand alone or grab one of each for the complete look! 


2. Bottle Bottom Ornament

Made up of an upcycled aluminum circle stamped with some of our favorite words, connected to an upcycled cured bottle bottom by wire, and completed with a locally-sourced clay bead, this product shouts the glory of 2nd stories! This ornament is the perfect holiday gift, or little joyful decoration to keep around all year. Add it as a unique piece to a gallery wall or let it stand on its own.

3. Standing Metal Art

Our standing angel metal art is one of our customers’ all-time favorites. And it is especially important during this time of year as it serves as a reminder of hope and protection. It’s available in small, medium, and large. Each one is unique! It’s the perfect new item to add to your decorations that will make all of your friends ask, “where’d you get that?!” And then you get to tell them the story!

4. Metal Holiday Wreath

Another one of our favorites: a metal wreath with a great message and made from upcycled materials. It looks gorgeous hanging on a door or anywhere you'd like to place it. Truly a unique piece of art! It is also available with the message “Joy to the World”. Either message is a perfect reminder just in time for the holidays.

5. Starfish Woven Ornament

Meet our Starfish ornament! This product is designed by the incredible Guersen and handwoven by him and his team. Not only is this product a beautiful addition to your Christmas tree, but it has an incredible story behind it, too, which will remind you to hold onto hope and faith, especially during the holiday season. 

6. Cross Ornament

Give us your weary and broken, chipped and discarded, and we will show you that there is MUCH life yet to be lived!   These crosses rose from the dump, literally! We took the pieces from broken dishes, bleached them to clean, and then learned to form them into crosses!

7. 6 Piece Standing Nativity Set

New this year, this six-piece hand-crafted Nativity set is a beautiful work of art!   And we always love a Nativity scene that has moveable parts. It is hands-on!  It immediately calls for interactions and deeper thinking around the narrative it depicts.  This set is made from recycled metals and won’t easily be lost or broken. We’re hoping it becomes a family heirloom to be passed down for generations! 

8. Angel Ornament

The Angel Ornament could not be more ideal for Christmas time. Hang it on your tree or around your house. Buy one for yourself and get one for a loved one as a gift! The Angel Ornament is one of our all-time best sellers. Today they remain a sign of Hope and the truth that we our lives are Not Wasted when we add a bit of faith and imagination to the mix, a perfect message for the holidays! It is also the best small gift to give to anyone you want this holiday season. 

9. Christmas Stocking with Tassel

Cotton Christmas stockings with a jolly, generous tassel!  Each stocking comes with an accent cuff that goes all the way around the stocking, your choice of either red or black gingham!  We’re thinking this works with most of our holiday color schemes! 

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