Christmas Guide: For the Gals

Christmas Guide: For the Gals

Christmas Guide: For the Gals

We put together a list of some perfect items for all the different gals in your life! Grab a cozy drink and look through these awesome and ethical gifts!

1. Alana Necklace

Trending and Versatile! This is the perfect gift for the gal who loves a simple but beautiful touch! She can clip it up high to give a choker/lariat look, or clip it low for a more subtle feel. 

2. Honey Hug Earring

This is a perfect gift to pair with the Alana Necklace. The natural bone detail combines nicely with the delicate brass shapes!  You can wear these with everything.

3. Canvas Leather Fold Over Bag

Simple, versatile, and lightweight canvas and leather purse. Made with locally-sourced leather and canvas from the local market. The perfect gift for the gal on the go!

4. Large Raw Leather Tote

Meet our customers’ all-time favorite product! The Large Raw Leather Tote works perfectly for work, school, or as a mom bag. It has both an external pocket perfect for things like a phone and keys and an equally useful internal pocket as well.

5. Makaya Mahogany Earring

The light mahogany hand-carved shape brings the whole neutral vibe into the fun light-hearted feel! They actually FEEL happy! These earrings are perfect for all the gals in your life!

6. Banana Paper Magnet 5 pack

This set of five magnets highlight Mk’s artwork that is alive with freedom and possibilities! We love the look of it printed on Banana paper made in Haiti! The perfect gift to give your gal a word of encouragement to look at everyday!

Want to see more options for the gals in your life? Shop all the goods here

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