i see you, Jesus

i see you, Jesus

i see you, Jesus

I love watching you sitting in the dirt with the little boys making cars out of oil cans…they fished them from the garbage dump,   of course they did .  and you sat there having the time of your life watching them workplay.  Watching them look to your face for you approval…watching to see your eyes light up at what they made.

I love that look on your face Jesus…. I love how you love. I love a God that loves to sit in the dirt with the small men…the ones who are surely hungry and surely dirty and surely dressed in the highest  of hopes for the smallest of things.

Jesus (you were looking like a UPS guy named Adam)

 And Jesus,. Did you see him today…did you hear the one that said  ”give this to momma” ? 

Did it kill you like it did me?  The small young one, as he got his small wage for his bottle cap art….as he handed it off to his little brother, take this to mama.  Take this to mama.  Not a second hesitation. Not a brief pause. 

And he ran.

The others left and came back with bags of goodies…surely they were ready for that. But not  that one.

Take this to Mama. ( Wisguey said )

And I saw you when You heard that our friend was bleeding badly. She lost the baby three days ago, She was 7 months along and full of hope.  And today word came to you that she was bleeding. And you came.  You had to know she was ok. You had to check and see.  I love that way about you, ..walking around in the tall form of a nurse named Grace.

And I caught your beautiful  reflection today when he said , “there are four of brothers and we all take care of the youngest, we have our entire lives…he said of their 24 year old brother that is living inside a body that won’t cooperate with his brain.  “When we are there mom and dad don’t have to do anything, we do everything,  I have changed more diapers than most any grandparent….i don’t mind ,” he said…and I saw your glory , your absolute glorious glory.  His face has morphed into Yours. That blond headed soccer jock named Alex.

And I heard you say , I want all the sewing machines working as best as possible before I leave. I want to make sure for you. I can do this for you . And I heard the kindness and concern that has action attached to it..  and I saw that you remember me. You remember us everyday.  We are never forgotten by you. Beautiful you hiding out in the skin of my Tennessee bound friend Kerry.

And I saw you stand at the kitchen sink and wash stack after stack of dirty dishes.  I saw you stand there, doing the thankless task so that a mama could go into the other room and listen to her boy bat on his guitar. I saw you Jesus, you tried to disguise yourself as the Pakistani/Romanian/Ohioan kid named Robbie,  but you know how good I am at catching you in your many disguises.  I see you . 


-kathy, 2012

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