the sewer

the sewer

the sewer

She works with such intensity. I watch her face as she sews. There is a heavy calm there. as if she has mastered  the art of carrying the weight of her world on her tiny shoulders. 

i met her when Grace and Keziah brought her to the workshop.  " hey mama k. please meet this wonderful mom, might you have work for her? "  In her arms she carried her 5 year old son, born with severe hydrocephalic symptoms.  Beautiful eyes set in a very large head.  I took him from her arms, stunned by his weight, his body so tiny, yet with the extra fluids on his brain, he is so very heavy.  "how does this tiny woman ( she can't be a ounce over 75 pounds herself ) carrry him ? " 

People are often superstitious about kids born with special needs. I can only imagine what this young mom has experienced in the past 5 years, carrying this child in her arms.

Can you sew? yes. come sew this for me. ok. 

 It was lovely the way the sewing group welcomed her and him, after some honest questions....they handed her needle and thread, showed her how to place the tags together and welcomed her into our tiny,  close knit circle. ( my heart nearly burst with gratitude ).

She hand-stitched two small pieces of fabric together, the "tags" we are adding to all our bags.  They say DIGNITY....POSSIBILITIES....PEACE....HOPE.   This seems right. So right , that she would take this job. 

Her son is the youngest of four children.  His father died ( went missing ? ) during the flood in Gonaives in 2008.  She has raised these four children ( somehow ) on her own.  

i remember when our first four sons were young....they were healthy, walking. i had electricity, and a washing machine, running water, easy food, a secure house, a vehicle and a husband to share the load and hold me in his arms and make me feel loved and beautiful even when i was worn out... she does not.  I am in Awe of her. 

Each week she comes and delivers the pieces she took home to sew.  I pay her for her work, re load her with more tags.   Now, she sits a while, enjoying the sweet comraderie in our warm little sewing room, before she heads back home, her tiny purse bulging. i feel certain it is one of the most important things i do in my life. And it is so so so small. 

I recently gave her a ride home.  Off the road, we walked through a very narrow alley, behind a nice house. It was  a small coutyard with a few families living together. She  confided in me that she has to move. Someone has let her stay in this room/house...and it has become a troubling situation ...they want her out and she feels her kids are unsafe.  She wants to move into jubilee with them. 

What ? i really question her on this.  jubilee is not for the faint of heart ! ha !   She says she has peace. 

My beautiful friend, Vonette , died last week ( haven't been able to write about it, just yet, too much wrapped up in that ) She left her tiny rock house.  The famiy is selling it to pay for the funeral expense. 

We may have a new family in the neighborhood.

Her name is Anite. Pray that they will be accepted in and that Jubilee will rise to this...and prove the goodness of God in the midst of this place.  Her two oldest daughters are in school and will have a good long walk each day, pray for their safety and their ability to make new friends here.  Pray the ladies  welcome her and kindness will smash jealousy to pieces !  New patterns of grace and compassion established !  


-kathy, 2012

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