The Oaxaca Collection

The Oaxaca Collection

The Oaxaca Collection

We are beyond excited to share the story behind our newest partnership with talented artisans in Oaxaca, Mexico! 

First, a little background as to how we got here: 

As you likely know, 2nd Story Goods got its start in Gonaives, Haiti over a decade ago. We have spent so many years building a strong infrastructure and leadership both in Haiti and the US, and now as a result, all of our work in Haiti is completely locally led! In recent years, as we have grown and evolved, we have thought, how cool would it be if we could use the strength of our infrastructure to support other artisans in other places around the globe? 

And this is how we find ourselves here, with a new mini collection of products from Oaxaca, Mexico. 

Because as the head of Marketing, I have the ability to work remotely, I decided to spend a few months in Oaxaca, which is the home to some of the most talented artisans in Mexico. During this time, I sought out opportunities to connect directly with makers, build relationships, and find beautiful products that I knew that you, our 2nd Story Goods community, would love!

Our founder, MK, even took a personal trip to come see what I had learned and meet some of the incredible artisans as well.

During our time, we got to learn about the process of using natural dyes; many families in the area grow their own plants for and cultivate natural dyes on their farms, like indigo for blue, mosses for green, and bark for brown, as well as the coolest one ever, cochineall (for red) which comes from a bug that lives on cacti and produces a special deeply pigmented acid.  

We also got to learn about the use of looms to weave intricate textiles. We were stunned by the well worn wooden looms, large and small, in their open air workshop. You know that finish wood gets when it has had years of touch by human hands and it becomes smooth and nearly golden?

That was the feel of these looms, likely in their family for generations.

The beauty of the culture, art, scenery, and people of Oaxaca cannot be overstated. It is our honor to bring you a few of these special pieces. We hope you treasure them!

The Oaxaca Pillow Case, Napkin Set of 4, and Mini Table Runner are now available on our website - click the links to see just how beautiful these pieces are!


All the love, 


Storyteller at 2nd Story Goods 

p.s. this is a limited stock mini collection! If you all love it, we hope grow it! 

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