Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Valentine's Day Gift Guide


We are convinced that our 2nd Story Goods family (that’s you if you’re reading this!) are some of the most loving people around. So in honor of Valentine’s Day, THE day that is marked as the celebration of Love, we’ve put together this guide. Whether its for your partner, family members, or galentines, we have some great little ways to let the people in your life know how loved they are, while also supporting living wage work in Haiti! The best part? Everything on this list is under $16 with the lowest priced one coming in at $4!!! These goodies speak for themselves, so we’re keeping this one short & super sweet so you can quickly choose a few things and go on living out love, like you do!


Giving Angel Love Valentine's Day

Giving Angel

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, our new Love Giving Angel makes the perfect meaningful gift for just about anyone. Each Angel comes in it's own Drawstring Bag with Love stamped on front, inside you'll get a printed giving card with some loving words. The Angel is perched on stamped botanically-dyed handmade paper which you can write on or leave blank. It's a lovely giving a big safe hug to someone you love!



Fair Trade Chocolate

Fair Trade Chocolate Valentine's

Obviously chocolate is a necessary part of any Valentine’s Day gift. But did you know that the chocolate industry is known for unethical practices? Fair trade chocolate is the way to go!





Loved Bracelet Valentines

Loved Stackable Bracelet

Complete with an upcycled aluminum pendant handstamped with "Love". For them to wear on the days when they need to remember how loved they really are. 



Recycled aluminum ring: Loved

Loved Ring Valentine's

Grab a few for your galentines! Handmade with upcycled materials and stamped with "Loved" or another word of your choosing.


Loved Magnet Valentines

Aluminum magnet

For a small but thoughtful gesture of love and appreciation! Stamped with "Loved", "Learn Love", or another phrase. 

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