Saint Juste

This is the person last to leave on nights before shipments go out.  This is the guy who stays to the very end to be certain every detail is in order. St. Juste holds the position of Inventory / Warehouse  Manager, which is the person who keeps every sales order and product order coming and going in the right direction!  Somehow in the midst of what looks like chaos, he knows where every piece is and where it needs to go!   Critical to the work here!

St. Juste is a man of high integrity and beautiful spirit! He is the father of three lovely kids and he carries that  “Papa Heart” to this business as well. He deeply loves people and wants to see everyone succeed..  He also serves this tribe with his early morning vocals with the guitar!  We hear him playing as everyone starts to come in and naturally gather.   We love his smile and his great collection of music!   We often delegate him to be DJ lining up a nice blend of Haitian and American music for the shop and office to enjoy!

His nickname. The papa, his dance skill..the model poses!