Valery Hyacinthe

  • Valery Hyacinthe
  • Val comes to us locally from Gonaives where studied law and business administration.  But the thing that makes him best for this job is his capacity to care for people. It’s not always easy being a newcomer in a tight-knit community of people like 2nd Story. You have to build trust. And that is exactly what Valery has done!  He knows the labor laws and is making sure our company policies are aligned with the laws of the country. we are following th He has formed a relationship with the local Bord de Travay in our city so that they can help us when we have questions regarding human resource policy. But he mostly demonstrates deep regard for the people around him and he has a learner and leader heart!   Or this we are grateful!

    Super Power: Can leap tall building in a single bound. 

    Nick Name: Valou