Leather Journal



The Product:

A classic 2nd Story good! Use it to process, dream, draw, pray, stay organized...the possibilities are endless!

The Details:

-Available with or without "genuine goat" branding on the front. All journals come with "made in Haiti" stamp on the back. 

-Unlined white paper


Large - 8in x 9in

Medium - 6in x 9in

Small - 5in x 6in

Pocket Size - 3in x 4in

The Story:

All of our leather- whether it is from the Noble Goat (one of the primary sources of protein in Haiti) sheep, or cow- is sourced in-country as a by-product of food. Talk about an authentic #notwasted story! Our leather products are handmade in “The Brothers” Workshop in Jubilee, a small developing community by the sea, on the outskirts of Gonaives. Founded by Benson Thermidor, this workshop employs over 20 people and is changing the story for people in this neighborhood.


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