Fall Favorites

Fall Favorites

Fall Favorites

Struggling to find cute, ethically-made fall fashion and accessories? 

Shop some of our favorite fall products, all of which are made ethically, support makers in Haiti, and will look super cute all autumn long! 

Fall is upon us, and we thought that, along with warm cups of coffee, pumpkin scented candles, and cozy sweaters, you might want to pull out some 2nd Story Goods fall gear that will enhance your look AND make a difference! Here’s our favorite items that are perfect for fall:


1. Split Leather Cuff

Split Leather Cuff

A bracelet made from soft sheepskin leather, dyed and cut to be like a set of bangles in a simple cuff. It's available in four different colors; feel free to mix and match, or just buy one of each! P. S. - The butter yellow and fiery orange-red shades are the BEST for fall!




2. Two Tone Wedge Earrings

Two Tone Wedge Earring
  These earrings will pair perfectly with all of your
  favorite fall outfits. They are made out of wood
  and crafted by one of our Haitian artisans.
  In our opinion,  they'll never go out of style... 





3. Canvas Leather Fold Over Bag

Canvas Leather Fold Over Bag

Need a bag that will match all of your outfits? Our Canvas Leather Fold Over Bag is simple, versatile, and lightweight made from locally-sourced leather. It can be worn on one shoulder or across the body. Plus, it fits the essentials folded and even more unfolded. One of our fall favorites! 






4. Betty Horn Necklace

Betty Horn Necklace

Pair this necklace with any or even all of your favorite fall sweaters. It is available with a silver or gold chain in both horn or bone. Matching earrings are available (and would definitely enhance the look!) 





5. Shield Necklace 

Shield Necklace

Our final piece of jewelry perfect for autumn is the Shield Necklace. This is the ideal long necklace that you can throw on to make any outfit look more put together. AND it is even on sale for a discounted price...get one now before it sells out!




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 Happy fall y'all!! 

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