A Closer Look at Our New Products

A Closer Look at Our New Products

A Closer Look at Our New Products

We have some exciting new products to share at 2nd Story Goods! We were so inspired by our customer’s style AND our artisan’s skills, we just couldn’t decide which one to base our new collection on. So, we didn’t choose! We found a way to marry your incredible style and our local materials in Haiti like never before, and this is the result.


Don’t let the numbers fool you, this is not a ranking. If it were, they would all have a “1” beside them; we love them all, please don’t make us choose!

Convertible Tool Pouch


1. Convertible Tool Pouch

The Convertible Tool Pouch is the perfect find for multitaskers, travelers, and active makers! Use it as a tool pouch for storage or when working on stationary projects, then roll it up into a work apron for when you’re on the move. Made from 100% locally sourced cotton, this multifunctional design was crafted by our in-house sewing team and local screen printer at our home base in Gonaives, delivering you a thoughtful product crafted with joy.


2. Stella Earring

Stella Earring

Short for Christella, the Stella Earring is named in honor of one of our original jewelry artisans, gifting us with over 10 years of her craft! Reflecting its namesake, the Stella Earrings are fresh, bold, and classic staples you will find yourself reaching for every day.  All of our aluminum pieces are made from locally sourced skills and upcycled materials, ensuring your purchase is making a positive impact on both the local Haitian economy and the Earth.  




3. Majok Lariat Necklace

Majok Lariat Necklace
Meet the Majok Lariat Necklace, your new jewelry obsession. With a gold chain, a timeless lariat design, and locally sourced white-gray majok beads, this new arrival reflects the natural beauty of Haiti and brings it to life in your everyday style. The 36” adjustable chain allows you to layer—we suggest 2nd Story Goods’ Majok Bar Necklace — or make a statement all on its own! However you chose to style, this will easily become your go-to necklace when craving ease, elegance, and craftsmanship.



4. Ellipse Earring

Ellipse Earring
We’ve updated, upgraded, and elevated what was previously our
Aluminum Pedant Earring and man, are we proud of the result! As always, we locally sourced our aluminum and natural majok seed beads to create this classic 2nd Story Design. To get a peek into our jewelry-making process, recycled aluminum is melted and poured into sand molds to set by makers who have been working with these materials to make cooking pots for years! With this expertise as a foundation of the product, the Ellipse Earring is as sturdy as it is elegant.




5. Geo Necklace

Geo Necklace

Now, if we had to pick a favorite…well we still couldn’t choose, but our Geo Necklace would certainly be a top contender! This geometric, tasseled necklace satisfies trends and our values; the bold design was crafted by our jewelry artisans, molded by our aluminum makers, and made with recycled materials. That means that this purchase equals jobs for our local team all the way in Gonaives and a positive impact on the planet we all share! The mixed metal design allows for you to style with any existing jewelry you own but can certainly stand alone to complete any outfit you throw at it! We dare you not to fall in love.


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