Haiti Design Co. Collaboration

Haiti Design Co. Collaboration

Who is Haiti Design Co.?

Haiti Design Co was founded in 2014 with the belief that design and purpose are the driving forces to create jobs and build a sustainable future. 
Haiti Design Co has three in-house maker teams in Port au Prince specializing in jewelry, sewing, and leather. HDC also has an Artisan Entrepreneur Development program to help makers start their own businesses! 
One of our favorite things about Haiti Design Co (there are many!) is that they save leather remnants for future products and live with the motto “waste not, want not”. It’s in the same vein as our motto “not wasted”. With sustainability at the forefront of both HDC and 2nd Story Goods, our collaboration and friendship make perfect sense. 

Our History  

I remember first meeting Chandler, founder of HDC, years ago. She and her husband, Josh, were hosting a Christmas festival in Port Au Prince and they invited us to come down with 2nd Story Goods products to set up a booth. That was in the very early days of our product designs and we were so uncertain about goods. 
But Chandler saw the value of what we were doing, offered us some helpful business insight, and brought us into the circle of Makers. 
Our friendship now spans a full decade and that generous spirit and professional advice is something I have come to love and rely on with this dear friend. It is a great joy and honor to collaborate with Haiti Design Co! Their beautiful products speak for themselves! 
-MK, founder of 2nd Story Goods

Our Partnership 

One of our favorite things about working in the artisan sector in Haiti is the spirit of collaboration that’s alive between (often women-owned) businesses. With Haiti Design Co, this has taken a few different forms: 

  • We are now doing fulfillment for Haiti Design Co’s retail and wholesale customers from our US Warehouse (a true honor!)
  • We collaborate  with Chandler on designs for 2nd Story Goods. 
  • And most recently, we brought some Haiti Design Co products into our product line (a few of our favorites are featured below!) 


    1. Cafe Necklace

    Simplicity is the new trend. The Cafe Necklace is great for layering or a pretty look on its own. The black and cream beads pair well with any outfit.

    2. Full Moon Earring

    If you’re a moon lover, these are the perfect earrings for you. The earring comes in a neutral tan color making it easy to pair with other jewelry items and any outfit.


    3. Canteen Bag

    Made in beautiful chestnut leather, the Canteen Bag is a best seller! The size makes it a great everyday bag that fits all of your essentials.  

    4. Annie Beaded Fringe Earring

    The confetti color is sure to add a fun pop of color to your outfit! The earrings are hand-beaded by a beading team in Milot, Haiti. 

    A cool tidbit: 

    Michel Ange Joseph took a class in beadwork from Haiti Design Co. in 2013 where she learned skills that led to her becoming a talented designer.

    Following her dreams in 2015, she moved back to her village in Milot, Haiti to run her own business called Atizan Lakay (Home Artist). She works alongside 8 other women who learned from her the skills to make Atizan Lakay thrive. All of the beaded products from HDC come from their workshop!


    5. Slim Leather Card Holder

    Have you been looking for a perfectly sized card holder? Look no further! This slim leather one checks all the boxes.

    6. Bone pendant necklace

    Bring a pop of color to your everyday wardrobe with this necklace! Glass sea beads and bone + wood pair together to bring you a new and trendy piece. Layer with other necklaces or style it on its own. 


    7. Scrunchie Bag

    We know the cool scrunchie bag is calling your name! There are multiple ways to wear and style this trendy bag, pick your favorite and rock on!

    8. Kavakia Leather Earring

    These bright and creative HDC signature earrings are a must! Elevate your look by accessorizing with your new fun earrings.


    We are so grateful for our partnership with Haiti Design Co! In this space, we have all chosen “community over competition” and we’re all the better for it. Our hope is for you, our customers, to enjoy the convenience of shopping HDC & 2nd Story Goods in one place on our site, expanding your impact with every purchase. 

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