Wedding Gift Guide

Wedding Gift Guide

We LOVE love! Whether you are on the search for a meaningful gift for a couple you know, or you are engaged and looking for a few special things to add to your registry, we’ve got you.  Here are some of our favorite ethically-made goods that are sure to be cherished as a new life is started together!

 1. Round Cheese Board with Spreader

Do they need staple kitchen items? Look no further for these! The unique wood pieces will elevate the look of their kitchen and match all their cooking needs.



2. Tea Towel

“The words we speak become the house we live in” and these tea towels serve as excellent reminders for the newlyweds as they build their home together.



3. Suzy Salad Servers

Whether they host family gatherings or enjoy simple meals together, these gorgeous salad servers help to serve joy around the table.



4. Basket Tray

A basket tray makes a wonderful gift! The happy couple can use it to hold their keys, mail, desk items, produce, casserole, or desserts. The options are limitless!



5. Pocket Napkin Set of 4 

Meals around the table bring a home together at the end of the day. These reminders will prompt meaningful conversations when they gather.



6. Tree of Life

As they plant foundational roots into their new lives, the tree of life reminds them where they came from and the room they have to grow in their journey.



7. Marriage: Two in One Tote

Looking for a gift that represents the marriage of two people? Our two-leather tote nails that idea! (We also happen to love its Marriage name).

8. 10 Minute Essay Journal and Prompt Booklet Set

This is such a fun activity for a creative spin on a date night! The writing prompts will spark ideas within and put thought to pen as they continue to discover even more about one another through their reflections.



9. Giving Angel

These Angels are hand crafted from broken and recyclable materials and turned into beautiful pieces of art. The  Giving Angels are a reminder that no matter what comes in this marriage, the broken pieces within us can always be made beautiful



10. Banana Love Cards

And of course, don’t forget the card!  Printed on handmade banana paper, we’ve got several cards that are fitting for this joyful occasion! 

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