How to Perfect the Art of the Charcuterie Board

How to Perfect the Art of the Charcuterie Board

How to Perfect the Art of the Charcuterie Board

Don’t let the word “art” or “charcuterie” scare you away from learning how to create your new go-to party contribution! While charcuterie boards are relatively new to the American foodie scene, they have actually withstood the test of time. Charcuterie, a French word meaning cooked flesh, describes the salted and smoked meats sold in French butcher shops and now defines easy, delicious, and timeless dining that anyone can accomplish. Whether you’re artsy, French, or none of the above, charcuterie is absolutely in your wheelhouse.

1) Step one: Your Grocery List
The most important rule to shopping for your charcuterie board is to let your taste buds do the decision making! Fill up your cart with your choice of charcuterie board staples: cured meats, cheeses, fruits, and veggies. When shopping, let the word “variety” be your guide. Get a sampling of the base staples, then add crackers, dips, nuts, and sweets to ensure everyone has a favorite on their plate. Whether it’s color, texture, or flavor, let variety, and your stomach, lead the way!

2) Step two: Pick your Platter ​
This is where the 2nd Story Goods Wood and Horn Cutting Board enters the scene. With function as a foundation, use a cutting board as both a tool for slicing meats, cheeses, and veggies and then as a vessel to display your culinary masterpiece. It would be nice to have some small bowls and utensils on hand for any dipping or spreading needs you may have such as the Small Bowl with Horn Rim and the Wood and Horn Cheese Knife. You can also add some dimension to the board with an Oval Catch All or two! Be sure your platter of choice is big enough to house all of your delicious food finds and you’re ready to plate.

3) Step three: Make your Plate
Now, this is the fun part! One of the best aspects about charcuterie boards is that all of the makings are already….well, made! There’s no need to cook, combine, or bake a single thing to make your charcuterie board great; all you have to do is plate. Our first tip is to plate the things that take up the most space first. This typically includes your cheeses, meets, and dipping bowls. Whether you fold, roll, or simply throw your meats on your platter to plate, we promise the result will be a beautiful board! Once the staples are added, use the free space to add nuts, herbs, and filler foods to completely cover the board. Once it’s filled and colorful, there’s nothing left to do except enjoy!

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