"You overpaid me."

"You overpaid me."

"You overpaid me."

He who seeks to save his life will lose it, He who loses it for the sake of the kingdom of heaven finds it.

This i know to be true. I may not know a lot. But this i know to be true.

I remember an early event in Haiti. Probably in my 2nd year of living there. I had jumped on my moto and run down to the fabric stalls in the market. We needed more for the sewing group.

I was in a hurry and somewhat distracted. ( like always?)  Still learning the way of Haitian gourdes and Haitian Dollars. 

The kind woman where i found the fabric we needed slipped the yardage into a couple of bags for me, i handed her what i thought was the amount she asked for. Thanked her and started quickly to my moto.

She called me back. 
I turned and she waved me to come back to her. 

She held bills in her hand. You gave me too much. She said. You overpaid me.


She repeated it.

I am a “rich” white woman in the poorest area of the poorest country and this woman calls me back to tell me I had overpaid her.

I stood in disbelief. I told her i would have never known it.

She said she knew that, but SHE would have known it. And to her, keeping her integrity and her heart right before God was way more significant than the dollars.

She knew her source of Life. This is true power. This is true intelligence. This is also profoundly good marketing as this is where i always shopped for fabric first! 

an unforgettable sermon she preached that day.

all the love you beautiful ones. 


  • Beautiful writing and beautiful message.


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