Introducing the 10-Minute Essay

Introducing the 10-Minute Essay

Introducing the 10-Minute Essay

Imagine with me you’ve finished dinner and you go around the table and hand out a journal and a pen to each person seated there.  

Then you lean in and say. “I want to know you more.” 

Thus you begin the Your Very Own 10-minute essay Tradition!

What a wonderful world” is playing in the background. 

You choose the prompt for the night provided in the booklet stored in the back of the journal. 

Everyone smiles in agreement and happily writes the prompt at the top of their journal page. 

You set your timer to 10 minutes and say, let’s go! 

And the writing begins. 

Meanwhile, the dish fairies come and do all the dishes while you all sit mesmerized around the table. 

Everyone writes quietly and listens attentively as each takes turns reading out loud what they wrote. 

You end the exercise in less time than it takes to watch a 30-minute sitcom and you realize you have both given and received a window into the soul of each person gathered around the table. 

And you’ve had the rare opportunity to give each person your full attention. 

You get up from the table and notice that not only is the kitchen sparkling clean from those serious dish fairies, but the clean clothes angels have also visited and all the laundry is done and put away neatly. 

(And somehow you lost 5 pounds while you ate) 

Yeah, ok. There are a couple of things in here that might actually happen if you try the 10-minute Essay Journal.  

And if they do, it is so worth it! 


This is how the 10 minute essay journals make MK feel!

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