New collection with Atelier Calla, a Haitian women-owned business!

New collection with Atelier Calla, a Haitian women-owned business!

New collection with Atelier Calla, a Haitian women-owned business!

Atelier Calla is a woman-owned artisan business focused on handcrafting Haitian-sourced horn, bone, and wood products. All horn and bone used is ethically sourced in-country as a by-product of food. We love our long-standing partnership with them and their elegantly designed, timeless products. Each piece is one of a kind due to the nature of the materials. We are so excited to announce our new collection from them!


Alana Necklace 


Trending and Versatile! This new lariat-like paper clip necklace gives us options!   Clip it up high to give a choker/lariat look, or clip it low for a more subtle feel It’s lovely either way. And because of the options, it can work with many more tops!



Mahogany Earrings



The light mahogany hand-carved shape brings the whole neutral vibe into the fun light-hearted feel! They actually FEEL happy! 



Horn Hoop Earrings



A classic staple. The natural horn detail can't be beat! You can wear these with everything. We mean EVERYTHING!



Abby Barette Set




Honey Hug Earrings 



The lovely Honeycomb inspired-shape plus the modern huggie style closure sets these apart!  The natural bone detail combines nicely with the delicate brass shapes!  



The Founder & Designer

Based in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, women-owned Atelier Calla emerged from the imagination of Haitian entrepreneur Christelle C. Paul in 2007. Though she had a full-time job at the time, her mind was set to make this dream a reality. Creating original collections bi-annually and participating in local shows, she carved her way and made her name and reputation as a local designer and a reference for the horn and bone jewelry market in Haiti. In 2011, after the devastating earthquake, it was all or nothing and she opted for all and opened a full-time workshop October 10, 2011. Thanks to much support, this artisan group has had the opportunity to receive the tools to be relevant on the international market. Today with more than 30 artisans involved in the production, and they are one of the largest horn manufacturers in Haiti.  

 Our Partnership 

Atelier Calla and 2nd Story Goods

At 2nd Story Goods, we have loved getting to work with Atelier Calla, and having the chance to develop a close relationship with Christelle, since 2017. Atelier Calla is the real deal not only when it comes to design, but also when it comes to providing reliable, meaningful work and benefits to their employees! We are honored to be one of their wholesale and retail partners that helps to get their products to the U.S. market! 

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