On Kidnappings

On Kidnappings

On Kidnappings

You know that we exist to shine a light on the beautiful parts of Haiti. The parts so often unseen by the world. 

But the reality of Haiti, just like any other place, is that of both/and. Haiti is BOTH unbelievably beautiful in a million ways, AND it has very real, very devastating, very complex problems. We would be doing her a great disservice to not also shine a light on the reality of these problems.

You may have heard about the recent kidnapping of foreign missionaries in Haiti. It is completely and utterly devastating. We are praying for all of them to return home quickly and safely.

What you may not have heard about is that kidnappings in Haiti have been up all year, at an estimated increase of 300%. Kidnappings of local people have overwhelmingly been the majority (96%).

They are affecting those with money and those without, and those who were sent back on deportation flights from the US are believed to be at an increased risk. They are increasing fuel shortages, affecting businesses, and inciting deep fear. There have been several local protests against kidnappings throughout the year, and today people take to the streets again in protest. 

No, it is not safe to travel to Haiti right now. Most local people would tell you that. But what it doesn’t mean is that we give up. 

Of course we don’t know all of the answers. One thing we do know is doing our part to build up the Haitian economy makes all the difference in people building more stable lives amidst so much instability. So, we’re going to keep on doing that. 

We invite you to join us, and comment some of your favorite companies doing business in Haiti below!


  • Thank you for sharing what’s going on in Haiti with us and thank you for serving (and loving) so deeply.

    God’s grace, peace, and strength to you in Jesus’ name as ya’ll tread down every, single work of the enemy in Haiti.

    “The God of peace will soon crush satan under your feet.
    The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you.”
    Romans 16:20 (ESV)

    In Love’s Strength,

    Chris Hutchinson on

  • It’s hard not to feel hopeless in Haiti’s chaos. The people we love, the places we miss — it’s heartbreaking. But Kathy’s right - you keep doing what you know to do & that’s building Haiti’s economy - showcase to the world their art, food, drink, culture. Singing Rooster is proud to partner w/ Second Story and get out the word!


    molly on

  • Haiti steals your heart, the country, and its people. While the kidnappings are tragic and wrong, we must ask ourselves why are they doing this? I have been going to Haiti since 2005 and these people have always struggled with dishonest government officials, natural disasters, and extreme poverty. We must ask ourselves what would we do? Thank you, Beaver and Kathy, Emory and Mary, and the rest of those that have worked to make Haiti a better place. Please continue to pray and give out of our abundance. Matthew 25:35-40.
    P.S Kathy’s book does have great insight!

    Glenda Aldridge on

  • Just finished Kathy’s Painfully Honest—wise and delightful as is Kathy herself (we met in Gonaives when I was working there with women through the Episcopal Church and I stayed at the Big House in 2014). Just posted about the book on Twitter with link to 2nd Story Goods; hope this helps generate more business! Praying for Haiti daily. ❤️❤️❤️

    Jan Lewis on

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