The Border Crisis

The Border Crisis

The Border Crisis

I have so many thoughts about what transpired at the Texas border in Del Rio.⁠

But, at the conclusion of the complex processing of it all, I come back to this: Pay Attention to what you want more of.


 I put my attention on the ones doing good work. The ones working In Haiti, to build up its safety and economy and structures for business. I pay attention to educating students well and training people in skills that they can grow. There are many! 


My eyes are on the men and women in Haiti that are building businesses, designing and creating marketable goods and services, and those helping others to do the same. Despite what we see on the news, there are many. 


I go to work with the men and women of 2nd Story Goods who are consistently making a way inside the beautiful country that is Haiti. We look for ways market the goods of those making gorgeous baskets and jewelry and aprons and bags!  I turn my attention to supporting the ones with the solutions for their country. 


Yes, businesses in Haiti face challenges right now. Last week with 20 boxes of finished goods that needed to get to the shipper, 100 miles away, there was no gas in the city to be found to fuel the vehicle to make the drive. ⁠

When Val told me that on Thursday, my hope was a bit crushed, like DANG, can we get a break here!  Then we whispered...Holy Spirit, what you got?  You say you'll make a way where there isn't one..and we've seen it to be true!⁠

Sure enough, a new plan came to mind and all 20 boxes made it to the shipper in time! ⁠

Every good work has challenges. But O the strength of determined people that refuse to give up and who know how to ask Heaven for help.  


Please, look deeper at the country that is Haiti. Don’t only see the latest news story of frailty or latest storm. Yes, it is the reality that many feel desperation that leads them to leave their country in search of more opportunities. If I was in the same situation, I do not know what I would do. Please see also the people that are working in the country to make a way for themselves and others to have stable lives. They are there. 



  • Thank you, MK for your words so we can see the beauty of Haiti. I still remember and thank you for your graciousness—among all the groups that come through 2nd Story Goods I’m sure we’re just a drop in the bucket, but it had a profound impact on us. Thanks and blessings; may you be safe and may you be healthy, and may you continue the good work.
    Thinking about you and Haiti and thinking that we should be praying for someone to send a solar van to you!

    Carol Endo on

  • Many thanks for your positive focus. I needed that!!!!!

    Eileen Murphy on

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