The Hope of Haiti

The Hope of Haiti

The Hope of Haiti

We could all use a little encouragement right now. A few weeks ago we asked our social media followers and our staff to write a 10 minute essay on Hope. This is what one of our brilliant Haitian leaders had to say.


Between the political unrest, gas shortage and all things that are bringing all kinds of fear to my everyday life, one of the things that keeps me alive is hope. Hope in “People”. ⁠

Every 2 weeks we have to go to port au prince to get our goods to the company that does shipping for us.⁠

One particular day something was wrong with the car. It overheated more than 3 times.⁠

Each and every time, people would come to us offering to help, without us asking.⁠

Last time it overheated we were in the middle of nowhere, a mountain on one side, and a desert on the other. We were desperate to get some water because we were so behind our schedule. Suddenly I saw someone coming down the mountain in our direction. That’s when I noticed a little house up in that mountain, and this guy and his family were selling water for a living. He offered us the water for free and sent his son to help us carry the gallons down the mountain. Despite everything we said, he wouldn’t accept the money. We finally gave it to his son before we left. This was eye opening for me. This guy had so many options and he chose this one, why, just because he said “you would do the same for me”. ⁠

It’s also the little things like my neighbors sending food for my wife and I at work because they think we might be too tired when we get home.⁠

When your friend who owns an english school takes his students to your business just to support you.⁠

When you see people who’s businesses have been destroyed, starting over just because of their faith in others…⁠

If you are living in Haiti, I'm sure you have many stories like mine...⁠


  • How beautiful Geri! And we totally agree Juandalee :)

    2nd Story Goods on

  • We were in Haiti for a period of time and I loved the people SO much. Even though they had absolutely nothing they were always eager to laugh and sing. I would go out walking everyday and one day I got disoriented somehow. A sweet little old lady, that sold her goods on the street, had seen me walking by several times. When she saw I was about to turn down the wrong road she came running over to grasp my arm and show me the correct way to go. Neither of us could speak each other’s language but we both smiled and hugged.

    Geri on

  • There is beauty ever where if you just know how to see it.

    Juandalee Titshaw on

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