The Importance of Hope

The Importance of Hope

The Importance of Hope

Over the next few weeks we want to share some words on Hope.  In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become easy to lose hope and struggle to see how things will get better.  We, as an organization operating in a developing country, have seen our fair share of hard times. Here, at 2nd Story Goods, we have learned to lean into our community during difficulties to share hope with one another.  Today, we have MK’s take on the true value of hope:


The importance of HOPE. 

I dare say Hope is the one essential element for change. Without it, we lay down our tools, our paints, our pens and stop.

Hope is the flicker of energy, the renewed strength to pick them back up and say, we’re gonna do this thing. We still have breath in us, so let’s go.  

And I do believe that once you choose hope, anything is possible.

It struck me that Hope is like a currency. It’s like if you have a 10 dollar bill you can buy that hot tea and everything bagel in the airport as you wait for your flight.  If you don’t, you can’t.

Hope is real currency, like that.

If you have hope, you can do that impossible thing.

If you don’t,  you can’t.

And the fact that you can CHOOSE hope, well, that is the real big news.


How are you going to choose hope today? A step might be to shop 2nd Story Good "Hope" products!  Use these beautiful, ethically made goods that are providing hope for our employees in Haiti as a reminder for you to choose hope everyday.


  • Thank you for the encouraging words! ❤

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