8 Ways to Use Your 2SG Journal

8 Ways to Use Your 2SG Journal

8 Ways to Use Your 2SG Journal

Here 8 things you can do with a 2nd Story Goods journal during quarantine


We are all finding ourselves in a really unique position these days, and we belief that it can be really healing to process things with pen and paper. Do you have a 2nd Story Goods Journal lying around your home? Here are some ways that we have been filling our empty pages.
  1. Quarantine log: These are unprecedented times! They should be recorded. Every week or so, write down how you feel, what’s happening in the world, and new things you are learning as a result. You will appreciate having this written down one day! 
  2. Prayer journal: Personally, my whole journal is pretty much a prayer journal. It is the main place where I process, give thanks, and ask God for guidance. Give it a try and see what is revealed to you through it! 
  3. Daily gratitude list: I went through a phase when every day, before I went to bed, I would make a list of things I was grateful for that day. These days definitely have me thinking about picking that back up. These days that list might look like: a phone call with a friend, a delicious homemade meal, a great at-home workout, sweet snuggles with my pup, finding a new Netflix show I love, etc…there is always so much to be thankful for! 
  4. 10 minute essays: these are our founder, MK’s, very favorite activity. Choose a topic, any topic! Could be a favorite quote or even just one word, like “hope” or a current issue like “corona virus”. Set a timer for 10 minutes. And write your heart out! Do this with your family or whoever you’re quarantining with, or hop on a call with your best friends. After 10 minutes, every one reads them out loud, no excuses! Two great resources for writing prompts right now are The Isolation Journals and @writtentospeak on Instagram. The isolation journals provides thoughtful prompts to your inbox every day and @writtentospeak has one word prompts listed for every other day on their Instagram. These are great sources of inspiration to help you dig deeper in these unprecedented days.
  5. Follow writing prompts: this is a little different than the last one. Recently, I’ve been loving following writing prompts I’ve found online. It sparks my imagination and helps me process things I maybe never have. My favorite is the Isolation Journals, which you can sign up for here. They send you a new prompt every day! Write something during one of your 10 minute essays or writing prompts that you want to share with us? We would love to read it! DM us or email us with your work any time, we might even share it!
  6. Take notes as you listen to a podcast or sermon: this is a great time to dive into to some of those podcast episodes you’ve been meaning to listen to. If you really want to take some things away from it, sit as you listen and take notes. This is a great way to soak in the information you just heard. We highly recommend the Unspoken podcast with Miles Adcox and Ruthie Lindsey, Unlocking Us with Brene Brown, or Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations! Also if you haven’t heard the podcast our amazing CEO, MK was interviewed on with our retail partner Simple Switch, it’s a must! You are going to want to write that stuff down!
  7. Record your weekly rose, bud, and thorn: This is a classic camp or bible study tool. But it’s also an amazing tool to use for just you! There is something really special about reflecting on the best and hardest parts of each day. Sometimes it can be as simple as "the Sky is really beautiful today" or sometimes it's as deep as "I am really grateful for my friends who are walking through this hard time in life with me." However you may feel called to approach this personal reflection tool, a 2nd Story Goods journal is perfect for this activity!
  8. Bullet Journal: Tap into your creative side, and use your 2nd Story Goods journal as a Bullet journal! Bullet journals are great ways to organize your thoughts, give yourself an outlet for doodling, and keep your week on track! Check out this guide to bullet journalling to get started!

We hope that you are excited about using your 2nd Story Goods journal in one of these ways! Be sure to tag us on social media to show us how you use your journal!

Still need to pick up your journal?


  • Hi Eilleen! The journal pages are unlined and have between 94 and 96 pages depending on if they are small, medium, or large.

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  • Are the journal pages lined? And how many pages in one?

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