Painfully Honest by Kathy Brooks


The Story:

A beautiful thing has happened in the last few decades. . It has become increasingly popular and Instagram-worthy to travel to the developing spaces in our world and Help. This book describes the author’s painfully honest journey to learning how our HELP often ends up hurting because we are generally ignorant of the complexities within the developing countries or zones and because we have believed the single story about the people who live there. We also go in believing that we are the saviors in the situation.   Because of that, we begin with the wrong questions, if we ask questions at all.


In this book, the author, Kathy Brooks, shares how she, a social entrepreneur, came to terms with her own ignorance and savior mentality. She writes openly about her mistakes, which are partly hilarious and partly heart-stopping. These are the stories of a recovering Helper who arrived in Gonaives Haiti and built 2nd Story Goods, despite her many blunders.

It also is the narrative of great and gentle hope. It is an inspiring tale that is honest about personal faith and failures. She takes the reader through story after story of what happens when we learn to ask the right question and climb down off the self-imposed pedestal of rescuer and onto the path of becoming a true ally.

Hers is a journey of learning respect and discarding pity.

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