Subscription Club

  • get a curation of handmade 2nd Story Goods straight to your door every month 
  • be the first to exclusively receive our newest products
  • directly provide work for our makers in Haiti every single month! 
  • the retail value of the box will always exceed the price you pay
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subscription club reviews

  • "Why do I love Sub Club? Let me count the ways...

I love the Sub Club because it brings me joy every month to see the beauty of Haiti's craftswomen & craftsmen.

I love the Sub Club because it allows me to spread the love by sending special handmade Haitian gifts to family, friends and co-workers.

I love the Sub Club because it is an easy and meaningful way to support and sustain human creativity and productivity by my sisters & brothers in Haiti."    

One Love,



  • "2nd Story Good’s exists to help transform lives. Simple as that! And they create marvelous, interesting, can’t-get-anywhere-else-on-earth items. Did I mention they’re made by artisans honing their craft? Handmade. How could I not support a ministry that God’s using to bless Haiti  

I love getting those 2nd Story Subscription Boxes in the mail  

I never know exactly what I’m going to get.  

Is it a goat-leather journal , or a metal basket made of a steel drum   , or jewelry jewelry (which make great gifts for the ladies in your life)?

The surprise I get makes the sub club so fun! It’s like having a friend from Haiti sending me thoughtful presents every month."

      -Chris Hutchinson

  • "I love receiving a surprise shipment of quality, artisan goods each month!!!  And knowing I am supporting the building of a business is a beautiful bonus!  Everything I've received I've either kept, or gifted to a friend, my children's teachers, or someone else.  Many times, "just because." It's a beautiful cycle of giving goods and giving hope!"

      -Rachel Messer


  • "I am excited to open my monthly subscription box because I know something fabulous is inside.  The variety of products, including home decor and jewelry, makes each box unique and special."

      -Kimberly Johnson

  • The card you put on file will be automatically charged $27 each month (this includes shipping!) You can cancel at any time.
  • Expect a surprise curation. Sometimes, we will feature products from other ethical companies!
  • For 5 years now, our Sub Club has helped us continue to exist as a company. When you join the sub club, you are truly making a difference in the lives of our makers in Haiti every single month.