Our Partners

Since the beginning (11 years ago!), we at 2nd Story Goods have created our original products in collaboration with our staff and makers in Haiti. More recently, we have partnered with a few other social businesses with the hope of helping to grow each other’s impact. First came Atelier Calla in 2017. Then Singing Rooster in 2018. 


And then, in 2022, we formed partnerships with Juice Collection and Not I But We as well. All of these are independent social businesses that we believe in with everything inside of us! And all of them (with the exception of Not i But We - the story on that below!) are based in Haiti as well!



Founder Christelle Paul, returned to Haiti after traveling outside the country with a renewed vision to give talented makers in Haiti a place of dignity to work and to be elevated in society. She loves the creativity of the people around her and is committed to living wages that build the community! 


We became friends in 2017 and were both nominated for Entrepreneur of the year in haiti in 2018. This put us in a group of other entrepreneurs for training workshops. We bonded and have stayed friends since then. 


With Atelier Calla, we respect the work and the heart behind it!



Singing Rooster is a social enterprise nonprofit supporting small producers in Haiti: Haitian coffee farmers, Haitian cacao (chocolate) farmers, and Haitian artists. We found them when we were researching coffee for the Kafe Lakay. They visited with us in Gonaives and explained the heart behind their work. They are in the business to see the farmers progress and get the best possible price for their yield. 


They write ”Haiti won independence from France in 1804 to become the world’s first black republic. Ever since, they’ve been fighting for economic sovereignty. Coffee is a significant path towards this goal, where heirloom Haitian Arabica Typica coffees are rare, specialty coffees. Haiti was once one of the world’s greatest producers of coffee; Singing Rooster is helping put #haitiancoffee back on the map.




Founders of Juice Collection, Jude Emmanuel Simon and Princesse Gohoungo approached us many months ago with the start up business they were launching in Haiti.  We sensed at the start that they were creating a brand that has much to bring with the goods they design, but also the powerful message that they both carry. 


N’ap Keep Going is the English/ Kreyol phrase that means, We’ll keep Going.  In the face of whatever set backs may come, we will keep going. Doing good. Studying. Learning. Growing. 


We spent way too many hours trying to figure out the best way to support this start up brand. And when the dust settled after all our hours of figuring, we realized this. That bringing their goods to the broader market through our site and connections was THE BEST way to support them. Imagine that!  It is exactly what we do. 


Please follow these guys on their social media sites. You’ll be glad you did!  And keep a watch here as we plan to continue to shine the light on their work!

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Our first and only partner outside of Haiti, Not i But We is very special to us! Not i But We was born out of the fundamental need to see economic justice for survivors of human trafficking in South Africa.


Our relationship started in their beginnings when in 2019, the founder Madison, while working with survivors in South Africa and writing the business plan for NiBW, came to visit our space in Haiti to learn from our model.


 In 2021, Olivia, our Marketing Director at 2nd Story Goods, went to South Africa to visit Not i But We. Soon it was clear that we were going to be making an exception to our rule that all of our products are made in Haiti in order to support this amazing organization as they find more space in the US market!