Starfish Woven Ornament



The Product:

Starfish ornament, designed by the incredible Guersen and handwoven by him and his team. 

The Story:

You’re likely familiar with the starfish story? The old man walking down the beach trying to rescue all the starfish that have washed up on shore? A touching, but somewhat less than hopeful story.

This is not that story.

This is a young man in Jubilee, on the outskirts of the city of Gonaives, Haiti who is leading a group of young men and women to build a sustainable, artisan business. If you have met Guersen, then you know him to hold to hope and faith, even in the hard times. He and his team are brilliantly using their available resources and skill set to create beautiful products for sale.  

And in doing so they are being respected in their families and are able to help their community.

It matters to these ones. And it matters to us. 

And we're willing to bet it matters to you. 

The Details:

-dimensions: 5”

-materials: locally-sourced palm leaves, twine 

-100% local materials