The Little Bits of Good that Overwhelm the World

The Little Bits of Good that Overwhelm the World

The Little Bits of Good that Overwhelm the World

“Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good that overwhelm the world.” -Desmond Tutu

In typical 2SG fashion, I am doing a 10 minute essay on our time together in South Africa. 

When I think of how to describe the experience, consolation is the only thing that comes to mind. Everything about having MK and Olivia in Cape Town at this particular time felt right. It was a pivotal moment in the journey of Not I But We, truly on the cusp of our next season, and to have two people who are my biggest believers and cheerleaders in my corner during that time was something I will never take for granted. 

MK and Olivia are some of the most remarkable people in this world for many reasons (we all know this), but their curiosity and attentiveness to life are qualities I am trying to cultivate every day. Personally, our time together drew out of me something that I think will forever shape my life: the realization that I am creative! MK shared with me, and the survivors at Not I But We, the beautiful practice of found poetry. She also gifted me an art journal for my birthday, which has become a solace in this wild season at Not I But We. It has helped me to process all the turmoil, excitement, fear and joy inside me. I can see the imposter syndrome creeping in, or the fear I am not doing enough, or the anxiety that I am not cut out for this and greet it rather than jumping on its train to nowhere good. Art journaling has also taught me to not take myself so seriously and revel in the being a beginner! That is maybe the lesson I needed to learn the most, which I am only realizing as I am typing it now. 

And as for the team at Not I But We, how do I even begin to describe the joy it was to have some our biggest supporters and sources of inspiration in our midst! Getting to introduce my two worlds to one another was a dream. Again, it was right. It all felt so deeply right. Having people who understand the process of building a social enterprise from, well nothing, with no experience is the greatest comfort. To hear the wisdom from those who have made the road by walking gave me great peace that I am in good company. And to have the women I love dearly meet other women from across the world that also love them dearly was just too special


I will leave you with one story which hopefully will serve as a reminder that all these little moments matter. I think of my friend and one of our artisans MB who started at Not I But We almost a year ago. From the first day she has been eager to learn, throwing herself into every task, more out of desperation than excitement. I have watched her grow extensively over the last year. Taking ownership over her life, choosing honesty and integrity rather than the easy way out, holding the tension of healing herself while also desperately trying to find a way to regain custody of  her child. 

I have watched the way her eyes light up when we get an order for rainbows from 2SG.  She makes them all. She has become our rainbow queen. But I think the most beautiful thing is that I have watched her journey of making rainbows transform from a means to an end to a creative outlet. The attentiveness and care she puts into each rainbow, brushing every strand, carefully gluing each piece, wrapping tightly and neatly each strand of yarn. It has become a way for her to slow down, quiet her mind and be here and now.  

And your purchase creates this opportunity. It is not just a product, but a process of healing woven into every single strand. So, thank YOU, from the bottom of my heart, and 2SG’s, thank you for choosing hope and healing.

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