2023 Holiday Gift Guide: For the Artist

2023 Holiday Gift Guide: For the Artist

2023 Holiday Gift Guide: For the Artist

November 1, 2023
If you have an artist in your life and you're searching for a sweet gift for them, then this gift guide is for you! It features some of our favorite goods that are beautifully made to be unique and give that artsy vibe you're looking for. Check out our 2023 Holiday Gift Guide for the Artist!

1. Kavakia Leather Earring

 Geometric art for the ears and ultra lightweight - they're bold and beautiful and perfect for anyone who loves artsy jewelry!

2. Shweshwe Headband

These headbands are stunning and have a story rooted in strength and dignity. Any artist - or anyone for that matter - is sure to fall in love with them!

3. Artist Earring

An artfully woven beaded tapestry that dances under your ears. It's in the name - can't get more perfect than this!

4. Saddleback Journal

It has the beauty of genuine leather journals or the down to earth feel of our recycled burlap journals - you can't go wrong with this one!

5. Burlap Market Tote

This bag is great for them to carry their art supplies!

6. Honey Hug Earring

Our Honey Hug Earrings are modern, unique, and delicate with an artsy feel - and they can be worn with anything! 

7. Burlap Journal

The burlap for this journal is up-cycled locally from the burlap bags used for coffee and rice - and its perfect for anything an artist can use it for!

8. Marriage: Two in One Tote

This tote is strong and durable - perfect for the artist who has lots of tools and supplies to carry with them!

9. Stella Earring

These earrings are oh so fresh and oh so fun. They go with everything, so prepare to wear them often!

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