2023 Holiday Gift Guide: For the Chef

2023 Holiday Gift Guide: For the Chef

2023 Holiday Gift Guide: For the Chef

November 3, 2023
Here's our gift guide for the ones who are always in the kitchen. These goods are sure to put a smile on their face and bring some magic to their space. These are some our our favorites for the kitchen, and they'll make the perfect gifts this holiday season! 

1. Wood and Horn Cutting Board

Give them the gift of a breathtaking board that is sure to become one of the most prized possessions in their kitchen!

2. Suzy Salad Servers

This classy set can be used to serve so much more than salad! Plus they'll make a stunning addition to any table. 

3. Classic Horn Spoon

The perfect spoon for coffee, cocktails, you name it! 

4. Wood and Horn Spoon

This gorgeous spoon can be used for anything they can imagine!

5. Harvest Apron

Our Harvest Apron is carefully crafted and fit for every chef!

6. Little's Harvest Apron

For the little chef in your life, so they can get creative and help out in the kitchen.

7. Pocket Napkin Set of 4

Our classic cotton napkins with locally-printed words that remind us of what’s really important when we gather around a table for a meal: to pause, give thanks, enjoy, and savor. These will make a great addition to their table!

8. Singing Rooster Coffee

Perfect for the coffee lovers and a great way to start them on fair trade products!

9. Wood and Horn Cheese Knife

Elegant and timeless - it'll bring their cheese board game to the next level!

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