10 Minuet Essays 1

10 Minuet Essays 1

Theme - Live like you mean it. 

Author - Kathy Brooks

Live like you mean it

We can.   That is the astonishing thing.  We absolutely CAN.  For me, it is in the smallest decisions of every day life that this truth plays out .It is rarely about the big things.  Those seem to take care of themselves when I get the small things right. 

Live like you mean it means …be the boss over my thoughts.  Some are beautiful and welcome guests…other are loud mouth bullies , live like you mean it means ..be the bouncer,  Invite the bullies to leave and enforce their departure.  Entertain the serious thoughts that need to stick around awhile, offer them tea!

Live like you mean it means: Honesty; A personal struggle for me. (Scandalous but real) I find myself wanting to lie about the most ridiculous things.  As if the truth I hold is not good enough.  (For who I wonder?) I want somehow to sound better or be easier to deal with, less trouble.  When really, I need to be kind and be honest. Live like you mean it means, Authenticity, knowing that what is true is what is good.  

Live like you mean it means: Going after what matters to me.  I have one shot at life on planet earth. I’m not going to waste it.   Follow the intentions of my heart, pay attention to that still small voice. Leap! Even when I am afraid.  Use the amazing energy and intelligence I’ve been given to invest in what matters.  Live like you mean it.


Author - Olivia Hosey

Live like you mean it.

Live the life you talk about. But don't just talk about it. Live it!

Live the life you were intended for. 

Live into the freedom that has been written for you. 

Live to make mistakes, live with grace, live to learn, live to love.

Don't wait for another season to come, don't wait for another week, of another day. Live today. Live now. 

Live intentionally. Think, then do.

Live in community. Make connections.

Live to serve your Father and the people he puts in your path.

Live with color. With joy. 

Live with positivity. See the good, but don't ignore the bad. Live to change. 

Live with a hope that moves you. 

Live with purpose. 

This is your life! Given to you by the grace of God. Live to make manifest his glory that exists inside you.

Live to work hard. And then to rest. Give it everything you have.

If you want to fulfill your purpose, it will take everything you have, and it will take developing the things you are lacking. 

Live for the little things. The little pieces of heaven that are all around us. 

Live to bring heaven to earth. 


Author - Brandon Brooks

Live like you mean it.

Live. - Like you mean it.

Living or the act of being alive is something we have precious little control over, I don’t think the real message of the statement is here.

Like you mean it. - This is where it starts getting interesting. How do you or I do something like we mean it?

Like - The first implication from the word “like” is that maybe you are pretending to mean it but do not in fact mean it? Maybe this is sort of “fake it till you make it” sort of a thing? I translate that word to be akin to “as if” so live as if you mean it? other possible interpretations ?

You  -  or in this case me, personal, in your face, aggressive? Certainly challenging - its not “people should live like they mean it” or even “I will live like I mean it” it's YOU - Hey You! YOU should live like You mean it. I the speaker and doing the dangerous thing of telling you my opinion about YOU! You can take it how you like it, but I think that YOU should live like you mean it.




Author - Victoria Mead

When I hear LIVE LIKE YOU MEAN it I put emphasis on the YOU part. Live Like YOU mean it. Every year, it seems that life/God gives me a new word to live by. My Mantra, if you will. For the longest time they were tools of survival for me. One of my words being Survive. Another was hope Hope. Fearless. This year my word is Truth. Not in the do not tell a lie way but more like, Live truthfully, don't live the life others are telling you to live. Live the life that is true to you. Live life like YOU mean to live life.

 I decided a few years ago that the life everyone else wanted me to have (family, friends, the church) was a life that had already been lived before and unless it was true to who I was, i wasn't going to live it that way. So i decided to make a list of how I thought l should live

Live honestly

Live with Compassion

Live Open and Free

Live with Hope

Live by Loving

Live a little selfish sometimes

Live for GOD 

Live for Me

Live Like I MEAN IT.

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