Unstoppable Mothers

Unstoppable Mothers

Unstoppable Mothers

Mother’s Day in Haiti

Today is Mother's day for our sweet moms in Haiti. In celebration of this very special day, we have a message from MK that speaks to the resilience of the mothers in Haiti.  2nd Story Goods exists to support women like this, and we are so very happy to share their stories with you!

2019 was a tough year for our city of Gonaives, roads blocked going out of the city.  Gas stations out of fuel. Burning tires and rare electricity made it some of the most difficult days. I’ll never forget the morning I headed out on my bike anyway. 

 I had to walk my bike gingerly around the block barriers, unmanned, it was no problem. As I headed up the side dirt path and made my way back onto the main road I was astounded by what I saw: Hundreds of women walking creating the March of the Mothers, as far as the eye could see. 

They were walking  the 7 miles to get to Au Poteau for market day where they would buy fruit and vegetables from the farmers to bring back to sell in the city. 

Normally this is a 20 -30 minute tap tap ride. Today it was a 2-3 hour walk.

When I think about Mothers in Haiti, this is the scene that springs to mind. Unstoppable.

When asked why are you willing to do this? To walk this far, the answer was, we have children to feed. We will figure out a way to do that. 

 bòn fèt dè mè

Happy Mother’s day to all the mommas figuring out how to do it, today.

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