Back to School with 2nd Story Goods

Back to School with 2nd Story Goods

Back to School with 2nd Story Goods

As we head back into this school season (however that looks for you and your family these days) we want to be sure that you are stocked up, and armed for success! We have compiled our ultimate 2nd Story Goods back to school guide for this season, and we are so happy to be sharing it with you! Whether you’re a parent to young kiddos, a teacher ready to see your students, or a college kid looking to set up the perfect dorm room, we’ve got you covered:

Parents, don’t you have a WHOLE new appreciation for the teachers who love on your kids so much these days? We picked out some of our favorite 2SG products that would make the most perfect teacher’s gifts:

Masks - Stock up your teachers to stay safe and healthy (and stylish) all year!

Coffee - Help our teachers stay alert with our kids A L L day!

Totes - Our Large Raw Leather Tote is PERFECT for teachers to carry all their books and resources for class!

Simon Messenger Bag - For a sophisticated-on-the-go teacher kind of teacher look 

Leather Portfolio - The most professional “carry-all” piece we’ve got

Cotton Braided Rug - To add a little color by the teacher’s desk or reading area!

All About the Journey Keychain - To remind you to stay present in the school community's journey this year!

Students, and parents of students, here is what we have for you that will make this school year just amazing:

Masks - We alllll need masks, so we might as well get some that we love, right???

MOSO Backpack - The sweetest backpack for your young one just starting out in school!

Simon Leather Backpack - The coolest backpack for your high school or college student!

Confetti Rug - An immediate party under your feet (and in your dorm room!)

Journals - The Pastiche journal is the perfect size for class notes!

Aluminum Pendant Keychain - To add to a backpack or for a dorm key or (gasp!) their own car keys!

Leather Belt - Great for an upper-school uniform! 

Moso Pouch: To keep the smaller school supplies all together and organized.

Change Purse - Cutest pouch around for their lunch money! 

Moms and Dads out there… of course we haven’t forgetting about you! Here are some of our most favorite picks to make your life easier this year:

Masks - You know you need one too!

Coffee - To wake up before you get your kids up… *yawn*

Magnets - For posting school announcements on the fridge, and celebrating your kids’ accomplishments!

MOSO Mama Bag - Perfect for the school run.

Journal - The Leather Journal is great for making a bullet journal planner to keep up with the school year!

From Aid to Trade - Learn alongside your kids this year with this amazing resource.

2SG Clothes - Because you deserve a “back to school outfit too”

Leather Tassel Keychain - So you don’t lose your keys when you’re running out the door.

Burlap Market Tote - To throw in all the things you’ll need for the day (after school activities and meetings included!)

Be sure to keep an eye out for all our other beautiful goods coming out this fall!

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