A Closer Look at Our Metal Art

A Closer Look at Our Metal Art

A Closer Look at Our Metal Art

Recycled Steel Drum Metal Art from Haiti has been famous worldwide for decades. It's been a while since we've had new Metal Art pieces in our collection, and today we are so excited to bring you these GORGEOUS brand new pieces!


1. Votive Candle Holder

Hand-carved metal candle holder, made from recycled steel. Perfect for creating warm lighting in your home.

2. Metal Art Scroll Bowl

Intricately detailed hand-crafted metal bowl. Perfect for decor, not meant for food (except the kind you plan to peel or with something like our Cotton Napkin underneath!) 

3. Recycled Metal Lantern

Metal Lantern with gorgeous detail. Open it up and place a light or a candle inside to enjoy the full effect of its beauty! A true piece of art.

4. Hammered Metal Bowl

Gorgeous hand-formed metal bowl with hammered texture. Perfect for decor, not meant for serving food (except again -like with the other bowl- the kind of food you plan to peel!) 

The Artistic Process

The Steel Drum Art of Haiti has been famous for decades throughout the world. Metal from recycled steel drums is cut, flattened, and put into a fire to be made malleable. Then the artisan traces the pattern onto the flat piece, and with chisel and hammer in hand, starts the tapping that cuts away all that is not the image. These particular pieces are made in the village of Croix des Bouquet, which has come to be known as the capital of metal art in Haiti! 

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