Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

We're just around the corner from what is every mother’s special day. The day where they are showered with love and gifts to show how much they are appreciated for all the mind-blowing things they do daily. Since we all want to get our mothers the perfect gift, we decided to compile a guide on the best 2SG gifts for Mother’s Day 2022!


  1. The Gift Made By A Mama For A Mama

Our first gift idea is the Luna Earring, which is made by a mama for a mama. We LOVE this simple and sweet post earring! The smaller size means you can wear it with absolutely anything. Pair it with our Revived Shield Necklace and a casual outfit to give it an extra pizzazz or use them to make a dressier outfit look evening classier! We recommend perusing our entire jewelry collection here to see which pieces stand out as ones your mom would love (all made by mamas!) 


  1. The Gift For A Conversational Mom

The ultimate mom gift is our Pocket Napkin Set. Having this set at your table will encourage meaningful conversations. It’s an upgrade to our classic cotton napkins with locally-printed words that remind us of what’s really important when we gather around a table for a meal: to pause, give thanks, enjoy, and savor. The best part? The word tags also work as a "pocket" to hold silverware, flowers, notes, place cards, or whatever else your imagination desires!


  1. The Gift For Moms Who Have Everything

For the mom that says she doesn’t “need” anything else, we recommend the Love Giving Angel. She could always use a little extra love from her kiddos and these are small but packed with sweetness. Each Angel comes in its own Drawstring Bag with “Love” stamped on the front. Inside you'll get a printed giving card, explaining the significance of the Angels and a card about love. And the Angel is perched on the stamped handmade paper, which you can write on or leave blank. It's a lovely giving a big safe hug to your mom! She can hang it on her wall, her car mirror, or keep it in her purse for a constant reminder.


  1. The Gift For Moms Who Preserve & Organize

Burlap, Pastiche, or Leather are options for our most useful gift recommendation. Any mama can find a use for a journal, from grocery lists to writing down family memories. The handmade journals are classic 2nd Story goods! Every mother can use the journals to process, dream, draw, pray, and stay organized...the possibilities are endless!


  1. The Gift For Moms That Deserve Extra Love

Give your mom extra love with the XL Raw Leather Tote! This is our customers’ all-time favorite product! In addition to being a great everyday work, school, or mom bag, the XL Tote also works perfectly as a weekend getaway bag or a carry-on that she can stuff extra things into! It has both an external pocket perfect for things like a phone and keys and an equally useful internal pocket as well. Finished off with a detachable chunky leather tassel and leather "Haiti" tag, because we're a little proud of that fact!


  1. The Gift For Literature Loving Mothers

Does your mom love to read? We recommend Painfully Honest written by our very own founder and mother of 6, Kathy Brooks. In this book, Brooks shares how she, a social entrepreneur, came to terms with her own ignorance and savior mentality through a journey of learning respect and disregarding pity. She writes openly about her mistakes, which are partly hilarious and partly heart-stopping. These are the stories of a recovering Helper who arrived in Gonaives Haiti and built 2nd Story Goods, despite her many blunders. It also is the narrative of great and gentle hope. It is an inspiring tale that is honest about personal faith and failures. She takes the reader through story after story of what happens when we learn to ask the right question and climb down off the self-imposed pedestal of rescuer and onto the path of becoming a true ally. 


  1. The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Our most rewarding gift recommendation is to sign your mother up for our subscription club. This is a gift that keeps on giving all year long! Not only does this gift provide your mama with surprise 2nd Story Goods monthly, but it’s a way to provide stable jobs for our makers (many are mamas) in Haiti! Just a heads up that this is the last month our sub club will be $22 a month. It will be going up to $27 a month starting in May! 


  1. The Gift For Sentimental Moms

Our final heartwarming Mother’s Day Gift Suggestion is the Personalized Mother's Day Card by MK. Your mom has always been, is, and will forever be yours. Show her how much you love her with a Mother's Day card personally designed by our founder, MK! The card becomes even more personal when we include your “handwritten” message!



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